Upcoming Workshops


Clown Taster Workshop at Wagga Wagga Comedy Fest 2023
8 people with clown noses, pose for a post workshop picture
Sydney 2 Day clowning Workshop | 2022
Evening workshop with ChickenCake Improv in Hamburg 2019.

Jeromaia has been teaching classes, facilitating workshops and coaching improv troupes since 2017 in Australia and abroad. He brings the values of pleasure, playfulness and sensitivity to the forefront of his pedagogy, drawing on his own experiences in clown and physical theatre. Options for workshops include, ‘Character Creation’, ‘Finding Your Idiot’, ‘Engage the Stage’, ‘Silly Scenes’ and ‘Mime Time!’.

Workshops can be taught in either French or English and customised for any group, age, theme or session length.

Please get in touch here to chat about offerings!

Teaching Highlights:

  • Industry Tutor at Riverina Drama Camp & NSW State Drama Camp
  • Wagga Comedy Festival Clown Workshop
  • Guest Facilitator for Fog Theatre – A performing arts program for adults with disability
  • Guest Teacher for VCA Comedy Course – ‘Workshop in Physical Comedy’
  • 6 week Clown Workshop with Impro Melbourne
  • AS4SAN Science Conference skills workshop
  • Jam Society clown workshop in Amsterdam
  • StormFever Theatre UK (Online Guest Specialty Workshop)
  • Convergent Bio-Nano Science Centre (Online Skill Building Workshop)
  • Reddam Early Learning School (Drama)
  • Impro Jam Etampes (French Longform Improv)
  • Chickencake Improv Hamburg (Live Workshops & Online)
  • Le Petite Theatre Sydney 6 weel course (Longform)
  • McDonalds AUS/NZ Managers Conference in Dubai (Corporate Team Training with Impro Australia)
  • Scots College Co-Curricular Drama Tutor (Improv, Clown)
  • ImproAustralia TSC (Schools TheatreSports)
  • Reddam House College (TheatreSports)
  • ‘LOLWhut’ LMA House Team (Longform Coach)
  • UNSW Theatre Society (TheatreSports)
  • ‘Garbage People’ Improv Troupe (Longform Coach)